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We have launched a new website for Amana Images and their new model casting services. The website was designed from a customer’s perspective, to be useful as a browser and reference. The site features detailed information of each model; the user is able to obtain not only the headshots, but also newly taken background photos, and personal video introductions.


AD + Dir : 阿部洋介(tha ltd.)
Design + Flash : 花村太郎(tha ltd.)
Design + Coding : 西村斉輝(tha ltd.)
System + Programming : 北村慧太(tha ltd.)
MUSIC : 山口優(マニュアル・オブ・エラーズ)
CAMERA(still) : 関口尚志、西村恵(Vda inc/amanagroup)
CAMERA(movie) : サギサワ ケン
PR : 菅沼達哉(amanaimages)

AD + Dir:Yosuke Abe(tha)
Design + Flash : Taro Hanamura(tha ltd.)
Design + Coding : Naoki Nishimura(tha ltd.)
System + Programming : Keita Kitamura(tha ltd.)
MUSIC: Suguru Yamaguchi(Manual of Errors)
CAMERA(still): Takashi Sekiguchi、Megumi Nishimura(Vda inc/amanagroup)
CAMERA(movie): Ken Sagisawa
PR: Tatsuya Suganuma(amanaimages)




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