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A television commercial for Uniqlo’s T-shirt brand, “UT,” has been released. The ad was planned and directed under the concepts of “global expansion” and “T-shirt as a medium for self-expression.” The contents behind the project is extremely simple: we tagged along with the UT catalog photo sessions that happened in New York, London and Tokyo, captured models as they came out of the shoots, and ultimately re-mixed the samples. There is also the website that runs parallel to this project.



ECD : Kashiwa Sato (Samurai)
CD : Markus Kiersztan (MP Creative)
PL + Dir : Yugo Nakamura (tha)
PL : Koichiro Tanaka (projector)
Music + PL : Fantastic Plastic Machine
Copy : Tomomi Maeda (future text)
Copy : Matt Eberhart (MP Creative)
Production : Monster Films
Produce : Takaharu Hatori (Monster Films)
Production Manager : Iwao Noritomi (Monster Films)
DP (US) : Eric Robbins
DP (UK): Angus Hudson
DP (JP) : Shuhei Umene (Crank)
Unit (US) : Downtown Reel
Unit (UK) : Hiroko Nagata
Hair (US) : Peter Gray & Benoit Moyeart
Hair (UK) : Dennis Lanni
Hair (JP) : Toshihiko Shingu (Surge Models)
Styling (US) : Nicola Formichetti
Styling (UK) : Christopher Niquet
Styling (JP) : Keita Izuka (super sonic)
Casting (US & UK) : Ms4 Production
Casting (JP) : Monster Films
Edit : Soichiro Yagi & Katsunori Matsuura (PPC)
Mixer : Shogo Ooba (PPC)

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