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As part of the MUJI’s Christmas campaign, we created a sugar-town diorama with 100 hexenhaus at MUJI’s Yurakucho store using over 15,000 MUJI snacks and candies. We’ve also created a movie that features ideas on how to have fun making sweets and candies with family and friends.
Posts on Twitter and Instagram with the tag “#mujixmas” are pulled and projected onto the monitors inside the diorama. These posts can also be seen on the website under “everyone’s photos” page.
There is also a 24-hour live camera capturing the diorama and the crowds gathering around the campaign site.

This diorama is on exhibit at the MUJI Yurakucho store until December 25.
-special website
-24-hour live camera
-everyone’s photos


このジオラマは12月25日まで無印良品 有楽町にて展示されています。

Web Credits:
Planning + Art Direction: 阿部 洋介 (tha ltd.)
Design + Program: 西村 斉輝 (tha ltd.)
Engineering: 外村 慶二 (tha ltd.)
Music: 蓮沼 執太

Diorama Credits:
Planning + Art Direction: 阿部 洋介 (tha ltd.)
Pr: 鈴木 篤史 (team.s)
PM: 溝添 陽太 (team.s)
Design + Creation: 吉田 実 (daVinci)
VFX : 矢島 俊之(Shikakeya)
Signage Design + Program: 西村 斉輝 (tha ltd.)
Signage Engineering: 外村 慶二 (tha ltd.)
Corporation: 良品計画のみなさま

Movie Credits:
Planning + Art Direction + Dir: 阿部 洋介 (tha ltd.)
Pr: 鈴木 篤史 (team.s)
PM: 溝添 陽太 (team.s)
Ca: 内川 聡 (FREELANCE) + 小川 亮 (FREELANCE) + 山本 貴敏 (FREELANCE)
Music: 蓮沼 執太

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