UNIQLO CSR Movie “The Power of Clothing”

Category: Client Work — Posted by admin at January 6, 2014

We planned and produced the promotional video for Uniqlo’s in-store monitor displays to introduce their CSR-related activities.

The video portrays the many ways in which Uniqlo takes on the various problems of the world through clothing, and represents these stories as a “moving picture book.” It was translated into 8 different languages to be displayed in stores worldwide.



Director/Planner: Hideki Owa (tha ltd.)
Designers: Taro Yumiba (tha ltd.) & Mizuhiro
Illustrator/Animator: Mizuhiro
Music: Funwari-chan
Copywriter : Junpei Watanabe (WATANABEJUNPEI SHA INC.)
Creative Director: Mits Minowa (UNIQLO)

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