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“,” an information website for Tokyo’s Marunouchi, Otemachi and Yurakucho areas has been renewed.
The website is divided into two sections, one that hosts a variety of editorials from a “business” point of view called “MARUNOUCHI the GUIDE,” and another section for special motion contents called “THINX.”
The top page is designed as a flexible tile index that scales automatically to the size of the browser window. Each of the tiles are linked to the specific content page. As more information and contents are added, the website itself is designed to grow and change over time.

多様なジャンルの情報を「ビジネス」という視点で切り取った編集記事と、「MARUNOUCHI the GUIDE」と「THINX」という2つのスペシャル動画コンテンツから構成されています。
サイト内の記事や情報が増えていくにつれて、サイト自体が増殖し、変化していくようになっています。 / THINX
Creative Direction: Kashiwa Sato (SAMURAI INC.)
Art Direction: Yugo Nakamura / Yosuke Abe
Planner: Maki Iwamura (Vertical)
Produce: Shigeki Yamafuji (Netyear Group Corporation)
Direction: Nigata Mitsuru (Netyear Group Corporation)
Design: Takeshi Fujiwara / Masako Shiozaki (Netyear Group Corporation)
Project Manager: Yukio Iizuka / Ayumi Matsushita / Ryoko Ito (Netyear Group Corporation)
HTML: fact-real, Inc.
Flash: Kenichi Hisa (Netyear Group Corporation)

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