Category: Client Work,Product — Posted by sohei at October 26, 2009

A special version of the DROPCLOCK is now being exhibited at ISSEY MIYAKE’s WOMEN, MEN, PLEATS PLEASE Aoyama Stores. Each of the three stores display different world city times of PARIS, NEW YORK, and TOKYO. The clock will be on view from 10:00 ~ 23:00, until the end of November.

DROPCLOCKの特別バージョンをISSEY MIYAKEのWOMEN, MEN, PLEATS PLEASE青山店で展示しています。3店舗がそれぞれ、PARIS, NEW YORK, TOKYOの時刻を表示します。12月下旬まで10:00~23:00の間見られます。

Art Direction: Yugo Nakamura
Design / Programing: Sohei Kitada

DropClock Credit:
Art Direction / Design: Yugo Nakamura
Film Direction / Edit: Erica Sakai
Movie Produce: Aco Suzuki
Camera: Mitsuru Komiyama
Lighting: On Hosaka

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