Industrious Clock for the project “ZeitRaum”

Category: Client Work,Product — Posted by yumiba at September 9, 2012

We’ve participated in the design project for Vienna Airport called “ZeitRaum” by Ars Electronica FutureLab. This “Industrious Clock” is a remake of the original version made by Yugo Nakamura 10 years ago and was installed at the new terminal of Vienna Airport.

Ars Electronica FutureLabプロデュースによるウィーン国際空港のデザインプロジェクト「ZeitRaum (Timescapes)」に参加しました。10年前に弊社中村が作った「Industrious Clock」をリメイクした映像インスタレーションが、ウイーン国際空港の新ターミナルにて公開されています。



Category: Product — Posted by yumiba at May 9, 2011


We have just launched the web site of our new product “FRAMED*.”

FRAMED* is a platform for new art forms. It enables you to display diverse forms of expression including interactive art, web applications, motion graphics & illustration. FRAMED* transforms all spaces – whether private or public. From your living room to a gallery, cafe or restaurant, FRAMED* brings style to all moments of life.

FRAMED* will produce a diverse collection of artworks such as photography, graphic art, video art, music and interactive art by various contributing artists. Please check the FRAMED* web site for further developments.






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A special version of the DROPCLOCK is now being exhibited at ISSEY MIYAKE’s WOMEN, MEN, PLEATS PLEASE Aoyama Stores. Each of the three stores display different world city times of PARIS, NEW YORK, and TOKYO. The clock will be on view from 10:00 ~ 23:00, until the end of November.

DROPCLOCKの特別バージョンをISSEY MIYAKEのWOMEN, MEN, PLEATS PLEASE青山店で展示しています。3店舗がそれぞれ、PARIS, NEW YORK, TOKYOの時刻を表示します。12月下旬まで10:00~23:00の間見られます。



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We released our first iPhone App “iFOUND!”
iFOUND! is an application for browsing FFFFOUND!, which is also one of the services that we offer. Follow the link below for details.



SCR#002: DropClock

Category: Product — Posted by yugo at March 26, 2008

DROPCLOCK” is a clock-based screensaver released through our in-house label, “SCR“. The clock depicts Helvetica falling into water, captured in super slow-motion video.

私たちが運営している「SCR」レーベルから、新しいスクリーンセーバーをリリースしました。 「DROPCLOCK」という時計スクリーンセーバーです。 水中に落下していくHelvetica を超スローモーション撮影し、映像時計として仕上げました。



Category: Product — Posted by admin at September 1, 2007

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“Kaze to Desktop” is a screensaver that moves according to the wind in your city. It has been released as the first project presented under our in-house label, “SCR.”



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